Nor issues World’s 1st Vocoloid NFT!

Music creator Nor will issue a special “Co-creation NFT” of his first original hit Hai-iro Psychologic feat. Hatsune Miku.

About Nor

Nor is the official remixer of the famous Vocaloid song “Tell Your World” by Hatsune Miku, and has also provided music for the virtual talent Kizuna Ai and the virtual lifer group Niji Sanji. Nor also has collaborative projects with popular music creator YUC’e called “Aice room” and “Beignet”.

What's "Co-Creation NFT"

About NFT

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are non-replaceable tokens that can create the value of unique "one-of-a-kind data". Coming into existence around 2017, blockchain technology can be used to create digital data that proves the authenticity of the data, and the owner of the data can freely distribute it secondarily.

About Co-creation NFT

Co-creation NFT expands the service of NFTs to content holders and creators, connecting them with fans with new innovative creations. Purchasers and fans of NFT-based content gain new experiences not only with the creations themselves, but also by participating in the process of their making.

NFT Sale

Contents of Co-Creation NFT

The first original Vocaloid song Hai-iro Psychologic feat. Hatsune Miku

Sound source data

As a bonus for the first purchaser

Nor himself will perform recording direction (*1), mixing, and mastering of you (*2) singing the cover

Right to co-creation

*1 Recording will be done on site (transportation costs to be paid by purchaser) or online.*2 This includes the purchaser or those approved and agreed to by the purchaser.


Number of sheets issued


Auction start time

April 7th, 2021, 07:00 (UTC)

Auction end time

April 20th, 2021, 15:00 (UTC)

Current bid amount


NFT Name

Hai-iro Psychologic feat. Hatsune Miku

The first original Vocaloid song "Hi-iro Psychological Logic feat. . Hatsune Miku" is a one-of-a-kind release commemorative NFT (sound source data with vocals). Privilege for first-time purchasers: If you wish, Nor himself will record, direct, mix, and master the song for you (*). (This can be done by the purchaser or by anyone who agrees to be approved by the purchaser. Nor's first encounter with the famous Vocaloid song "Tell Your World", which was used as a commercial song for Google Chrome, was the catalyst for her to start making music, and in the 9 years since she started her career, she has been weaving her own words through Hatsune Miku for the first time. Nor's message I want to deliver this song to as many people as possible, just as I felt the potential of music when I encountered "Tell Your World" and wanted to write a song about it. Nor / Hairo Psycho Logic feat. Hatsune Miku VOCALOID" and "Vocaloid" are registered trademarks of Yamaha Corporation. NFT Terms of Sale This NFT is for music source data. By purchasing this NFT, the purchaser acquires ownership of the music source data, but does not transfer any copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. The NFTs may not be provided to others beyond the scope of home use or used for commercial purposes. In the event that the purchaser, transferee, or any other third party suffers damage in connection with the purchase or sale of this NFT, the author shall not be held liable for any legal action, regardless of the cause of such damage.